13 February 2009

Hardanger and the Spanish Close Equivalent

I decided to post a couple more pictures of the tablecloth I mentioned yesterday. A closer look will reveal the detail of the stitch used. The first stitches outlined the outer edge of leaf pattern. This was done to secure the fabric before threads were removed. Next certain threads were clipped and pulled, leaving some open spaces between the outer stitching lines. The remaining threads were wrapped and manipulated to create the pattern seen here. This technique is similar to the Scandinavian Hardanger stitch. However there are some differences such as the manner in which the fabric is secured. In Hardanger blocks of satin stitched bars are used to secure the fabric and create the outer pattern before threads are cut and pulled.

11 February 2009

Handmade Tablecloth

While I was visiting in Garganta la Olla I met a woman named Maria Teresa Herrero who shared her handwork with me. She showed me a tablecloth she made when she was 12 years old. Her Grandmother helped her learn the stitches. I took some pictures of the large cloth and more of the close up stitches. The cloth is linen and the stitches are cut thread with embroidered flowers.

03 February 2009

Beauty in the Windows of Garganta la Olla

As I walked up and down the small streets of Garganta la Olla I noticed beautiful handwork in the small windows. Each design was unique. The overall pattern I noticed was white lace or crochet or some other form of white work. These photos show different crochet patterns. One window has flowers the other has a pattern of leaves and birds.

Handmade Tablecloth

This woman in Garganta la Olla, showed me a tablecloth she had made. It is made of square linen pieces stitched together with crocheted borders. It is so beautiful!

The second photo is a close up of the crochet stitches. The crochet stitches are open and make little square boxes.